FUEL DOCK IS OPEN FOR THE 2024 SEASON!                 


Whether you need to top off your fuel tank/s, pump out the holding tank. We carry all the essentials to make your day on the water more enjoyable! 




We have refreshments, candy, ice cream, chips, beef jerky, beef & cheese, cheese curds, nuts, candy, crackers, etc.


Our fuel prices are very competitively priced, we offer non-ethanol, non oxgenated marine grade Fuel and Diesel fuel.  


We offer a cash discount with the purchase of 100 gallons or more per visit. We accept Visa, Master , Discover & Ameriucan Express Cards. Our staff are the friendliest and nicest you'll meet on the river!


       • Diesel Fuel & non-ethanol & non oxgentated marine grade fuel. 


       • Off Sale Liquor Store, Ice cubes, ice cream treats, candy, snacks,            nighg crawlers, firewood, clothing, life jackets, throwables, fire                extinguishers         

      •   Marine supplies, (oil, parts, etc) 

  • Picinic Items (propane, plates, cups, forks, etc)
  • Clothing  (Leo's Landing sweatshirts, t-shirts, & more)
  • Sunscreen, pain relief, health & beauty, etc.



Early/Late Season (before Memorial Day & after Labor Day): (DEPENDING ON WEATHER & NO WAKE RESTRICTIONS)


Monday - Thursday:  1:00   pm  -   6:00 pm

Friday:                    11:00  am  -   6:00 pm

Saturday:                10:00  am  -   6:00 pm

Sunday:                  10:00  am  -   6:00 pm



Summer Season  (Between  Memorial Day & Labor Day):


Monday - Thursday:   11:30 am  -  6:30 pm

Friday:                      11:30 am  -  8:00 pm

Saturday:                   9:30  am  -  8.00 pm

Sunday:                     9:30  am  -  8:00 pm


Note: Hours may change depending on the Weather & No Wake Restrictions