Store and Go Program

Looking for a great way to enjoy your trailered boat without having to haul it from home every time you want to use it? Then our Store and Go Program is just what you are looking for!


The costs range from $130.00 - $300.00 per month.  (Based on overall length of boat and trailer).


Store and Go Program Starts May 1st - September 26th


IF YOU ARE INSTERESTED IN OUR PROGRAM PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL WITH YOUR BOAT DETAILS (MAKE, MODEL, LENGTH & WIDTH) TO: and we'll contact you about being one of our customers for the 2024 Season!


With our Store and Go Program, we store your boat on the trailer inside our Storage Facility that is located 1 mile from the Prescott Public Boat Launch. You launch it!


Text us at least 24 hours before you want to use your boat and we'll pull it out of Storage and it will be ready for you to pick up and launch.


When your done boating, bring it back and we'll put it back into our storage facility. At our storage facility you also have access to water, and electricity, so that you can clean your boat after using it!


It's very easy to get a a launch pass, to have unlimited access to the Prescott Public Boat Launch.  You can purchase a season launch permit at the Prescott City Hall or at the Boat Landing. This launch permit is available for Wisconsin residents or out of state residents.


The public launch is located 2 blocks from Leo's Landing Marina. The Store and Launch Program is affordable, easy and convenient!